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Winter here in the far north of Sweden usually lasts half a year, counting the time from the first snowfall to the last snow that remains. The first snow often falls in October; it is not uncommon for you to still be able to drive a snowmobile in the mountains at the end of May. In the valleys, the snow melts at the end of April / beginning of May.


Close to the polar circle

Contrary to the general assumption that winter here is only "dark and dreary", the sky shows itself in the most beautiful pastel tones from November to January, ranging from orange to bright pink. The sunrise and sunset phase lasts much longer in the Arctic Circle, but it is also the coldest time of the year, so that temperatures of -30 to -40 degrees are reached. However, the temperature is not as cold as the air is very dry. It is a wonderful time for winter hikes through the high snow, which glitters in all colors illuminated by the low sun and crunches with every step due to the icy cold.


Ice and snow

When the rivers and lakes slowly freeze over and the first snow falls on the delicate layer of ice, beautiful natural features are created, like here along the Skellefte Älv.

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