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Café and Guest House

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Time picture from the 1920’s: "Echoes of series of explosions occasionally thundered from quiet forests in the south. The thunder originated from workers building the inland railway - the railway came closer and closer. Prefabricated machine houses and workers' barracks have already been brought into the outer districts of the village and into the village itself. Now a new era was approaching and enormous numbers of jobs filled their hands with gold. Hundreds of people gathered into the area - most of them were involved in the construction of the railway. At night, all the barracks, huts, corners and angles were congested and durig daytime larger and smaller working groups were expanding in the area." (Edor Burman: Living Wilderness)


With this influx of people from outside, the need for living areas as well as cafes and guesthouses was enormous so that in the 1920’s, the so-called "Beda's Institution" was built by Beda Renberg from Arvidsjaur. After the actual "Community Center" of the village was inaugurated, it also served as a cinema and dance hall during the years of 1930 to 1944.




Milly Wallström from Kallön later became the owner of Beda's café and guesthouse. Next to the old café in 1945, she had the large house being constructed, which back then was called 'Annexet'.

Youngest owner of Milly's: Gisela and Birger Lundqvist and since the end of the 1980's, Tjintokk AB.

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