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The lake poses many dangers, especially in winter! Be aware!


Slagnäs is located on the Slagnässjön in the province of Norrbotten.

Arjeplogs Municipality has over 8,000 lakes, so it is very tempting to cross them on ice skates, by foot or even by snowmobile, especially in winter.

Slagnässjön is a large lake whose dangers are very underestimated by tourists, especially in winter. As calm as the lakes and rivers look in winter, the shining surface of the ice can be deceptive. When it snows, the ice surface is not even visible anymore and a white snow surface will tempt you.

However, Slagnässjön has strong currents and also a power station, making it extremely dangerous to cross the ice surface. In most places, the lake doesn't even freeze over enough for the ice surface to carry. It is therefore essential to follow the information provided by the locals and to only cross the lake at the crossing marked by poles.

These poles are set up by the locals.

So, do not cross the lake until you have reassured yourself that it is already considered safe.

Due to the power plant and the currents, the lake freezes over very late despite the extreme cold.

Those unfamiliar with the area should only use snowmobiles on Slagnässjön between the areas marked out with posts. Due to the currents, there is a risk of death if you leave the marked areas by breaking through the ice.

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