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The 'Konsum' store

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Before 1928 all trade trips went to Bergnäsudden or Lilla Bäcknäs. But then, during the summer of 1928 "... on a crest east of Karl-August's cultivation area", the plans for an own 'Konsum' store took shape. It were mowers, the sons of the region, the brothers Renström and Bror Löfmark, who decided to take a try. Viktor Renström was elected spokesman for the village. It was not only the reluctance to long trade trips that lead to the decision, but also the concern about giving Helmer Jonsson (TBC patient) a chance to earn an income; his wife was allowed to work in the shop.


Negotiations with 'Konsum' went well - the village got a store.

The first 'Konsum' stand was set up here on the south side of the river above the railway bridge (Holmgren's - later Forsén's Cottage property). The goods for this first small shop arrived by boat from Bergnäsudden, therefore the location down by the river was ideal.


When the railway was completed in 1932, the 'Konsum' was installed in today's Erik Forsséns' shop on 'Skolvägen'. The goods were transported by horses and sledges from the train station to the shop.


When 'Konsum' erected a 'real' business building in 'Arjeplogsvägen' in town in 1935, the 'Kooperativa', a heavy handcart was used as a means of transport between the railroad and the shop. It was loaded and pulled by store staff.


Many years later, the name was changed back to 'Konsum' and in February 1996 the company got privately owned by Peter and Madelene Lestander.

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