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The sawmill

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In 1920 the people of Slagnäs built their sawmill. The driving force was a water wheel in a stream called Lillmorbäcken. The initiator of the construction of the saw was Oskar Löfmark. Viktor Karlsson from Kåtaliden built the water wheel that pulled the saw blade. Gustav Persson and Bert Burman were ready to learn to be sawers. The rules stipulated that planks and boards should be sawed first, as long as the saw blade was able to work and the water supply was sufficient. Then it was the turn of those who planed shingles - a coveted item.


In 1928 the saw was relocated to Laxviken and the driving force then became a crude oil engine. The reason for the move was the easier transport of the wood to the saw. Another reason was to avoid repairing the badly used dam in Lillmorbäcken.


In 1943 the saw was brought back to where it’s current location. On June 1, 1976 it was decided to build a new sawmill. The following year the building was completed. Then a new saw bench and a new plane were purchased. A good result thanks to the many hours of voluntary work that the shareholders have invested.


Erik Forssén 2013

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