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Church and Cemetery

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Southern Bergnäs was our church accounting district, so the church and the cemetry of Bergnäsudden were the most convenient for church service. The churches of Sorsele and Arjeplog as well baptized, confirmed, married and buried the residents of Slagnäs. The need for an own church and cemetery in our village became more and more evident. The Sunday school took place on the grounds of the elementary school. Mass took place in the community center and funerals were held in the Bethel Chapel.


In 1955 the village got its own cemetery and a church bell. The church bell was first fixed to a board that was nailed on two tall pine trees. The bell sounded beautifully, but the sexton often had to untie the cords from the pine crowns. The first to be buried here was Bertil Burman in November 1955. But there was still no church. The first donations for the construction of the church in Slagnäs were collected back in September 1942. It consisted of SEK 65… It would take 16 years for the church to be built. The donations of 1942 were followed by many gifts from the public, sewing associations and companies.


The foundation of the chapel was laid in 1950 and the first plans were drawn in 1953 - the villagers agreed on the need for a church, but they all disagreed profoundly on the location and the cemetery. One of the reasons was that the ultimately selected location was across the soccer field and dance floor, operated by the sports association. After many negociations between local politicians, church politicians and villagers, it was decided to start building the church. As building contractor Sigurd Ejderud from Stensele was hired. For SEK 48,200 he would build the building. The chapel foundation was made out of wood. The architect was Bo Grefberg from Stockholm.


On August 3, 1958, the church was consecrated by Bishop Ivar Hyllander, Provost Oreland, the village priest Alvar Boström, the parish guards Ester Renström and Viktor Öhman, and a large number of parishioners. The 300 prepared places were not enough for all the guests.

The bell tower was inaugurated in October 1958.


Cemetery caretaker 1955 - 1979, Signar and Viola Burman

Church musicians Siri Ohlin and Alvar Burman -

The church choir's leader from the 1960s, Erik Forssén, later also sexton

Cemetery caretaker 1979 - 1997, Rutger and Ingegerd Lundgren

Church caretaker 1958 - 2001, Erik Forssén

Cemetery caretaker 1997 Anders Burman

Pastor 2001… Anders Burman

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