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Here in the north, fall often begins as early as the end of August. The nights are slowly starting to get darker again, so from the last week of August you can see the Northern Lights again in Slagnäs. In the nights at the end of August the first frost can sometimes already set in, while during the day it is still pleasant and you can go on particularly beautiful hikes. The mosquitoes are usually completely gone by this time. Fall usually only lasts about three weeks and has its color peak in the middle / end of September. In the mountains, the first snow often falls in mid-September, and it then stays for the entire season.


Time of the berries

In August, the season of berries and berry picking begins. Blueberries, cranberries and Horton berries, which are considered to be particularly healthy, are particularly common here. There are also various mushrooms that you can pick now.


Hunting time

From September / October the time of moose

 hunting and bird hunting begins. The municipality approves the number and sex of moose that may be hunted per season. Moose hunting is a very common sport in Lapland. There are currently around 350,000 moose living in Sweden. Bears can also be hunted. However, they are much less common than moose.

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