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About Slagnäs

Some data on the development of southern Slagnäs from the year 1817



1809                    Old Slagnäs (Northern Slagnäs) was

                            continuously inhabited for the first time

                            according to Bylund. The first Swedish settler

                            there was Nils Burman (b. 1787). During his

                            recultivation work, he found old fireplaces of

                            houses from former Sami settlements. Nils

                            Burman was the son of Olof Burman (1743 -

                            1795) born in Lycksele, mill worker in



1817                   The village was founded.


1897                   The first smaller mobile school.


1917                   Telephone installed at August Burman.


1930                    The village got its own trading post. Konsum

                            was opened. Previously, they traveled to Södra

                            Bergnäs to shop (14km). The country mail

                            carrier „Lill-Nila“ carried the mail between

                            Slagnäs and Bergnäs by sea.


1930                    The post office was opened.


1930                    The current school.


1930-38               During that time, road construction was in full



1930                    "Rallarna" came and built a railway.


1932                    People in the area here could go by train.


1934                    Slagnäs Sports Association.


1935                    The villagers built their own power plant at

                            Slagnäsforsen, which supplied households

                            with electricity. A sawmill was built at the same

                            time. It was then moved. The Bethel Chapel

                            was erected on the old sawmill site.


1936                   The Slagnäs – Arjeplog road was put into use


1938                    Road construction to Arvidsjaur, Adak and


1944                    The community Hall


1958                    The church was consecrated. The clock tower

                            followed a few years later


1957-58               Municipal water and sewer


1980                    "Folkets Hus" (Community Hall) association

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